Our customers are our first priority. We understand that equipment needing repair inhibits your business functions. At IEM, we believe that your business is our business and we understand the need for reliably functioning equipment to keep your business on track. Our experienced technicians rely on advanced technology and vast technical knowledge to provide the highest quality service available whether in our shop or in-the-field.

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IEM offers the most comprehensive repair services for all manufacturers of motors, pumps, generators, and gearboxes. Each repair that arrives in our shop is treated with the greatest care to return your equipment in top working condition.

  • AC Motors up to 4160VAC and 2,500 HP
  • DC Motors up to 500VDC and 2,500 HP
  • Gearboxes
  • Generators
  • 20-Ton Crane Capacity
  • And More!

Shop rewinding repair services


IEM performs precision rewinding for armature, field frame, rotor, stator and any other components that require winding repair. Our repair technicians are professionally trained and run multiple tests on all rewinds to insure all repairs are working at or above manufacturers’ standards.   

  • Form-Wound and Random-Wound
  • Water suppressed burn-out oven with digital temperature recording
  • Core loss test performed before and after burnout
  • Climate-Controlled Winding Room
  • 6 ft. VPI tank – Epoxy Resin
  • And More!




In the IEM shop, our technicians know that not all repairs are as simple as changing bearings. Equipment often needs custom machine work and fabrication in order for it to operate as originally intended. Because of this, IEM offers a wide range of machining capabilities. 

  • 28” X 84” Lathe
  • 10-Ton Vertical Press
  • 48” Vertical Boring Mill
  • Bearing Rebabitting
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Precision Balancing up to 9,000 lb.
  • Mig/Tig Welding
  • Shaft Metallizing
  • And More!



We complete multiple tests to insure the highest quality repair is performed on every item that comes through our shop.

  • Load testing up to 1,000 HP
  • Variable speed/frequency run under full load
  • Baker Advanced Winding Analyzing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermographic Analysis
  • IEEE and EASA Electrical Tests
  • And More!